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SAS Handbell Ringers

SAS Handbell Ringers were the original bell team at All Saints’Church Sanderstead. As raw beginners we began by ringing from numbers in the cosy front room of our founders - Sandra and Martin Winter. It was only when we at last plucked up the courage to risk playing in public that we realised our need for a name. “All Saints’ Sanderstead Ringers” seemed the most obvious choice, until someone pointed out that the shortened version of “ASS Ringers” was perhaps rather too close to the truth for comfort. So it was that we became known as Sanderstead All Saints’, or SAS. Our proud motto is of course, ‘Who dares, rings’.

At first the team rang borrowed bells but we were soon offered a generous loan which enabled us to purchase a fine new set of our own. There followed numerous fund raising concerts to pay back our benefactor. When the “2 O’clock Bells” team started up they also joined in this task, and before long we were the proud owners of a three octave set - plus a few extra bells adding depth to the bass section.

Our regular rehearsals take place on Monday evenings at 8 o’clock in the church. However because of various commitments the members can rarely manage a full team turn out on every occasion, and this, coupled to our natural humility and a somewhat laid back approach, has made public appearances something of a rarity – and therefore not to be missed when they occur.

The present team is led and conducted by Martin Winter who is one of only two male ringers at All Saints’. The “SAS” warmly welcomes new members – no previous experience necessary.

The SAS Ringers

SAS Bell Ringers SAS 07.12.08